Megan is very hard working. She is extremely consistent and thorough. If you give Megan a task she is the first one done with the task. She has a competitive nature which helps her to excel in everything that she does. Megan quickly becomes an asset to any company that she works for.
-Amber Alonzo, Business Development Manager, Highwinds

I had the pleasure of working with Megan Killion. Megan is an extremely articulate, detail oriented, and driven person who naturally gets along with everyone. She's an optimum team player who's strength is her intelligence and who's greatest weakness might be overworking when a sick day or vacation time is warrented. Megan and I were hired at the same time, attended the same training and orientation, and we worked together on a number of occasions. Once Megan's skills are put into action her efforts yield results that make everyone around more productive. I highly recommend Megan because she's a faster learner who others can learn from and rely on consistently for measureable results.​
-Raphael Pearsall, Colleague, Highwinds Network Group

Megan is an awesome person to work for! She always made sure my schedule worked with my personal life and kept me motivated to sell and give excellent customer service. She made me feel like an integral part of the sales team even on days when I was down.

-Nektario Rivera, Former Employee, Radioshack

As a business owner I trust Megan to create solutions that work for me. She genuinely listens to my problems and personalizes great options that work within my budget. She's my go to for advice and product knowledge.

-Dr. Jose Fernandez, Business Owner, Client

I would highly recommend Megan for her knowledge and customer service skills. She required no training to get up and running, and is excellent at bringing in business customers.

-Ross Bowser, Previous Manager, Verizon

After working at Highwinds for a year and a half or so, I would meet quota both in activities and some months would exceed quota set by management. However, when Megan Killion came on board what was once quota was shattered sometimes 4 times!! The performance that Megan demonstrated was beyond anything I have seen in sales in a very long time, and I have been in sales for over 25 years! Anyone who hires Megan will see production that is unparalleled!! A true proven producer!
-Walter Palmer, Colleague, Highwinds Network Group

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During my time working with Megan I have found her to be both professionally and personally a high-performing individual.

Our industry can often be sink or swim for a salesperson and she possesses a hard-working, don’t-give-up attitude that enables her to be successful. Megan is often is the “first contact” when customers and partner companies first enter dialog with our organization so having a salesperson who can immediately add value to our brand is critical. She is able to develop relationships with clients and colleagues and is reliable when asked to complete both critical and routine tasks.

I view her as a team player with a unique personality and believe she'll add value to a sales organization's culture and bottom line.
-Trevor Snell, Strategic Account Director, Highwinds

Megan is so awesome I named my new iPhone after her!

-Cassi, Age 9, Verizon Customer

Megan made buying a phone a breeze. I would recommend her to anyone. She took the extra time to show us how everything on the new phone worked. What a great experience! She got me the best phone and saved us money on our bill. 

-Sheila Filipowski, Current Verizon Customer

megan killionGrowth Hacker, Business Development Manager, and Blogger

I have known Megan Killion for over 5 years.

I had the pleasure of working along side as her peer as well as superior. This was during my employee as a Store Manager at Radio Shack.
At all times I have found Megan to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, team oriented and extremely punctual. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to work with or for her in the future.
I'm happy to provide further information if required.
-Derrick Soares, Colleague, Radioshack and AT&T


Megan has been a valuable find for our organization. Our organization has been lacking vision, direction, talent and results in our communication efforts. As a non-profit, we struggle to find highly skilled professionals to volunteer their time and energy to produce products that are on par with well-paid cooperate professionals who command generous compensation. 
We have found that with Megan. On our first meeting she had already reviewed our virtual presence, web sites, and messaging. She presented a thorough and thoughtful assessment and a plan to reach our target audience. Megan sought to assume the role of Communication Director from the first day. She has already made quantifiable improvements in our social presence and improved traffic to those sites. Megan has already begun making quality changes to our web site which better appeals to our target audience. Further she has improved our presence by developing blogs and other items that help communicate our message. Megan has made improvements in both the quality of our sites and quantifiable improvements in traffic. This has gotten our message out and brought in business. 
Megan has been a wonderful find and quickly became an asset to our organization. ​​
-Phillip Cornell, Fellow Board Member, Libertarian Party of Seminole County

No matter what Megan does, she does it well. I have had the pleasure of working for her for over a year and she has consistently provided valuable feedback to make me a better sales person. She is the best possible support for a team's success.

-Cait Pollard, Former Employee, Amcomm Wireless